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 Tattoo in Bali - Getting Inked at KOLONI Tattoo

We aim to provide the experience of the best tattoo in Bali. Our tattoo shop comprised of beautiful, sun-bright rooms and clean, modern vibes that afford the utmost ease and comfort for both you and our tattoo artists to work in. We have Artists from  all around the world, but we’re headquartered in the Island of Paradise; Bali.

Stay Tuned for Koloni Artists visiting Europe Summer 2022.

When we started our Business back in 2017 , our idea was to focus on customer Service and the experience inside the Studio , the location  , the interior ,the Artists  everything was particularly different from any other Tattoo Studio in Bali .

After 5 years we are so grateful for the Support  from Indonesian Customers and Local expat community , we became their favorite place to get Tattoos in Bali  . We are also Proudly most requested Studio for  Kids Ear Piercing In Bali , with lots of happy reviews from lovely customers . 


Head down to our place in Canggu to consult before making a tattoo appointment is highly recommended. Not only you get to see the place you’re going to be tattooed at, but you’ll also get a glimpse of what you’re getting into, especially if you’re just getting your first tattoo.


Tattoo Studio in Bali: Flying to Paradise Island to get your tattoo done

Bali is known as one of the most affordable island destinations in the world. This also extends to the cost of getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo back home can easily afford you a plane ticket to Bali as well as the tattoo expenses. Some people make it a point to come to Bali every year to get their tattoo done and enjoy Bali’s chill, relaxed vibes, and famous tropical atmosphere at the same time.  


Despite the expectation of a good deal here in Bali, remember that when it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Even if you’re on a budget, knowing the price range of good, reputable tattoo studios in Bali would help you get an idea of how much getting a tattoo in Bali would cost. It’s advisable to visit the tattoo studio first before you decide to book or make a deposit. Get your tattoo in a reputable best tattoo shop in Bali instead of opting for an absurdly cheap alternative that possibly doesn’t have standard hygiene practice.

Getting inked in the paradise island

Don’t go tattooing without knowing at least the basics of safe tattooing practice. Make an informed decision before getting your tattoo. Knowing the best place to get a tattoo in Bali can take some digging, but it’s going to be worth it. More than anything, understanding safe practices would only help protect yourself from unsafe tattoo practices not just in Bali, but anywhere you travel.


Many people do their tattoos in Bali as a spur of the moment decision. It can either be peer pressure or the impulsivity you feel once you know how much you’ll save when getting a tattoo on the island compared to getting it back home. These are the instances where we don’t recommend getting a tattoo. Tattoos are works of art—ones that would stay inked on you for a very long time. Show your appreciation for the art by thinking through the process, researching, and planning how you’re going to get your best tattoo in Bali.


Going on a holiday in Bali often means that you’re going to swim on its gorgeous beaches or take a dip at a pool at a beach club. And if you’re doing safe tattoo after-care practices, waiting for one to two weeks depending on your tattoo (and therefore, your wound) is something your tattoo artist would recommend. This is where planning in advance for your tattoo is important. You don’t want to have your holiday mood in shambles because of a spur of a moment decision.

How do you look for the right people to do your tattoo in Bali? How do you find the best tattoo in Bali and who’s the best tattoo artist Bali to do your tattoo for you? Meeting or getting an appointment with the best tattoo studio in Bali or a tattoo artist that meets your needs would be the next step in your planning to get a tattoo in Bali. Ideally, you would be looking for:

Tropical Island

A professional tattoo artist or a tattoo studio that practices high standards of hygiene and safe tattooing practice.

A tattoo artist in Bali who has the same or similar art styles to the one you wish to get. Looking at the tattoo artist’s portfolio is a great way to start.


A tattoo studio that fits your budget and is open for a consultation.


A place you feel comfortable and at ease tattooing at. Depending on your tattoo, the process can be time-consuming. Getting tattooed at a place that prioritizes your comfort is essential.

Koloni Tattoo Artist Bali | The Highest Standards of Hygiene Practice

The Bali tattoo scene is undoubtedly something that grows along with the tourism industry. Choosing the best tattoo shop in Bali can be a little tricky. Ever since the tourism industry took over in Bali, tattoo parlors started to appear at virtually all corners of Kuta. Except not all of them are up to the professional tattoo practice. It’s fairly easy to find cheap tattoos. Especially in Bali, where the living cost is a fraction of how much it would cost back home. But choosing the right tattoo studio in Bali that would do the body art that actually meets your expectations and practicing good standards of tattooing may not be a walk in the park.


It’s your right to know that you’ll get what you pay for. To be on the safe side, choose a European standard tattoo studio in Bali. The experience of the best tattoo in Bali spanned beyond just getting an aesthetic piece of art permanently inked on your person. It’s also about preserving your skin’s health—as your skin is the canvas of the artwork—with the standard hygiene and utmost care.


The experience in getting a tattoo is not like any other. You’ll be thinking about so many aspects to getting your first tattoo. What kind of design would you like? Should you go with black ink or is your tattoo better colored? How about the tattoo placement? How long does it take to heal and what you can and cannot do during the process?

Getting your very first tattoo can be a rather nerve-wracking experience. Veteran tattoo collectors out there would know. This is why putting an effort into researching prior to actually getting a tattoo is not just important, but necessary. It’s definitely not a decision you should make overnight. A tattoo is a piece of art, and in extension, a piece of yourself, that will be permanently inked on you. Take the time to get to know what you want.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend starting small for your first tattoo. Fortunately, at Koloni Tattoo, we have tattoo artist Bali and traveling artists who specialize in fine lines and intricate, small tattoos—if that’s what you want for your first ink. It’s important to get to know your tattoo studio or your tattoo artist before getting your tattoo done. 

It’s often hard to stop after getting one. That’s one many people said about getting a tattoo. The experience of getting a tattoo is often an addictive one. People come repeatedly to add more and more to their “collections” over the years. We’ve had clients who got their first tattoo here then visited again for the subsequent tattoos over the course of years.

But how does it actually feel to get a tattoo? There are a lot of things we could say on the matter. But among everything, one thing rings true when it comes to knowing how it feels to get a tattoo. You need to get one to know one.

Getting your first tattoo?

Get the best tattoo in Bali with the best tattoo artist

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