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Piercing Bali | 

European Health Standards , Exclusive Jewelry Collection. 


Since 2017  *Private Studio until May 2022 - Berawa

Piercing Bali—aside from tattoo artists, we at Koloni Tattoo Canggu have an experienced Professional Piercer working with us. We are proud to be voted the best place to get piercings in Bali. Our quality services and big range of piercing jewelry can't be compared to any other Studio.

Our Safety and Health Standards will provide you with the best experience and we are sure you'll be back for more.

After 5 years we are so grateful for the Support  from Indonesian Customers and Local expat community , we became their favorite place to get Pierced and buy new Piercing Jewelry in Bali  . We are also Proudly most requested Studio for  Kids Ear Piercing In Bali , with lots of happy reviews from lovely customers . 

Whether it’s earlobe piercings, Helix piercings, navel piercings, septum, nose, belly button  piercing, you name it; we’ll make it work. Send us an email / Instagram DM or drop by our Studio in Canggu and let’s talk. 

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Piercing Bali | Why do people get pierced?


The practice of piercing has been around since ancient times across many different cultures around the world. It’s a form of body modification that has gained popularity and gone mainstream. Ear piercings and nose piercings are examples of particularly common forms of piercings that have numerous representations across cultures and present in historical records.

Piercings may seem to have only get popularized today. Modern day people who decided to get pierced may have done so for aesthetic purposes, or as a means to express their individuality. But piercings have certainly been around for thousands of years. From American and African tribal traditions to Indian culture, Papua New Guinea, and even Ancient Rome—this form of body art has been present throughout human civilizations for centuries.

Choosing a piercer in Bali


While getting a piercing Bali is not part of the island’s ancient culture, the modern practice has nonetheless gone popular. Just like tattoos, piercing as a form of body art rises steadily in popularity along with the tourism industry. This means there are a few piercing parlors up the streets of Kuta and Legian. But choosing a good piercer in the paradise island is not as simple.

Bali is known as one of the most affordable destinations in Asia. It may not be the cheapest island to live in Indonesia, but compared to back home, the cost difference is significant. Body modifications, such as Bali piercing prices, are also considerably more affordable in Bali. With that said, if something feels too good or too cheap to be true—they probably are. Researching your piercers before you decided on your piercing in Bali is highly advisable. That way, you’ll get an approximate or a range on prices of Bali piercing studios. Being an informed customer would only benefit you in your search of an ideal place to get piercing Bali.

Getting pierced in Canggu Bali with Koloni

Our modern tattoo and piercing studio in Bali is located in Canggu. Koloni piercing Bali is housed in a beautiful building in one of the very few Kuta areas that aren’t jam-packed with traffic. Our studio is located approximately 5 minutes to the nearest beach, Pantai Batu Bolong, and 50 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International airport. Modern and brightly lit through the large windows of our studio, we’re happy to say that comfort is one of the things that our clientele come back to us for. It’s our hope to make piercing as accessible as possible for everyone. And the safety and the comfort of the place and the experience themselves are huge factors.

What to do before getting a piercing in Bali?

Hopping on a plane to Bali to get a piercing may or may not alter your holiday plans significantly. Depending on what you want to do once you get there, it’s important to remember that getting a piercing done in the paradise island may not lead to be your typical vacation. There are several things you need to note before deciding on a stud or a dangle. Your own health prior to getting a tattoo should be the main one.




Piercing Bali | health, safety, and preparations before piercing

First off, sleep well! Getting to a piercing studio sleep-deprived, or worse, with a headache, is not something you’d want to experience. So do allow some time after you arrived at the island to the time when you get your piercing Bali. You’d want to be in top form whatever body mods you’ve decided to get.


Safe piercing practices are something that we at Koloni Bali prided ourselves on. A healthy body is more prepared to take on the piercing process. This is why it’s important to us that you also take care of your body before it receives the modification. Your body is the medium for the artworks. So treat it well.

Piercings hold a significant value to numerous cultures in the world. The practice of piercing itself dated back to thousands of years. In today’s modern world, many people still pierce their baby daughter’s ears as soon as possible. While your reasoning may not be traditions or cultural significance, getting a piercing is certainly an important decision for you.


Piercing is a part of someone’s personal journey. Today, many people get piercings for their aesthetic values. Highlighting or enhancing parts of your body with jewelry is something that apparently stood the test of time. There are also some people that relish in the pain associated with the process of body modifications, be it a tattoo or a piercing. Some people did say that it’s hard to stop once you get your first piercing or your first tattoo. Some of our clients love to make it a point to get their body mods done in Bali every other year as they vacationed.


What are your reasons for getting a piercing (or other body mods)? Whatever your reasons are, make sure to get them pierced by a professional piercer that places importance on safety and hygiene. Feel free to visit our tattoo and piercing studio Canggu, Bali to have a chat!

Interested in getting a piercing for yourself?

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