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What to do before getting a piercing in Bali?

Hopping on a plane to Bali to get a piercing may or may not alter your holiday plans significantly. Depending on what you want to do once you get there, it’s important to remember that getting a piercing done in the paradise island may not lead to be your typical vacation. There are several things you need to note before deciding on a stud or a dangle. Your own health prior to getting a tattoo should be the main one.

Piercing Bali | health, safety, and preparations before piercing

First off, sleep well! Getting to a piercing studio sleep-deprived, or worse, with a headache, is not something you’d want to experience. So do allow some time after you arrived at the island to the time when you get your piercing Bali. You’d want to be in top form whatever body mods you’ve decided to get. Safe piercing practices are something that we at Koloni Bali prided ourselves on. A healthy body is more prepared to take on the piercing process. This is why it’s important to us that you also take care of your body before it receives the modification. Your body is the medium for the artworks. So treat it well.

Adjusting your holiday plans for your piercing Bali

Getting a piercing creates a wound in your body. And just like any other wound, it’s your responsibility to treat it well until it heals. That means no going out swimming and ended up leaving your wound soggy that may possibly lead to infections. Reschedule your piercing at a later date if you’re not feeling well. Getting pierced while you’re sick, or under stress, is never a good idea. Giving your body numerous things for it to handle all at once would not be a good experience. Take care of your health well before you decided to do your piercing in Bali, especially since holiday often takes up a lot out of your packed vacation schedule.

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