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Choosing a piercer in Bali

While getting a piercing Bali is not part of the island’s ancient culture, the modern practice has nonetheless gone popular. Just like tattoos, piercing as a form of body art rises steadily in popularity along with the tourism industry. This means there are a few piercing parlors up the streets of Kuta and Legian. But choosing a good piercer in the paradise island is not as simple.

Bali is known as one of the most affordable destinations in Asia. It may not be the cheapest island to live in Indonesia, but compared to back home, the cost difference is significant. Body modifications, such as Bali piercing prices, are also considerably more affordable in Bali. With that said, if something feels too good or too cheap to be true—they probably are. Researching your piercers before you decided on your piercing in Bali is highly advisable. That way, you’ll get an approximate or a range on prices of Bali piercing studios. Being an informed customer would only benefit you in your search of an ideal place to get piercing Bali.

Get your Piercings at Koloni Tattoo - Canggu


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