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Bali tattoo prices | Getting to know the process

Whether it’s your first or your many times getting a tattoo, being able to understand the process would put you more at peace. Some of you who came to our tattoo shop know exactly what you want. Some don’t. So it’s the perfect opportunity to have a chat with us about it. We’re always open to discuss ideas! Emailing us or better yet, visiting our Bali tattoo shop to talk to us before booking would help you be more at ease for the whole process. When you finally decided to book, we’ll give you a quote and you’re required to make a deposit. Then, our artist will do the work of designing the tattoo. We’ll do the drafting, sketching, and everything that we needed to do to prepare for the appointment with you. Only once you’re happy with the design we’ll proceed to do the inking process.

Visit Koloni Tattoo in Canggu - Bali


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