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Tattoo Canggu | Koloni Tattoo Studio in Bali

Tattoo Canggu Koloni is our headquarter in the paradise island of Bali. We’re a Team who love what we do. We’re passionate about our art and we understand the value of process of both tattooing and piercing. This is why making you feel comfortable and confident is so important to us.


What We Do at Koloni Bali | Tattoo and Piercings

We’re pretty versatile at what we do. We’re super lucky to have talented Indonesian artists and visitors from all around the world work with us.Come Visit us , we do Free Consultations about your design Ideas . Or Send us an email about what you have in mind .

You can Walk In for Piercings or Book your Appointment by email - DM to our Instagram Profile. 


We’re fortunate enough to have really cool artists working together with us. Some of our artists have their own distinct styles highly coveted by their loyal fanbase. Some of them are all-round artists who are highly adaptable to numerous artwork styles. It’s really humbling to have a wide range of talents here over at Koloni Tattoo Canggu.

We relish in giving life to ideas. This is why, in tattoo Canggu Koloni, it’s important that you take your time communicating your piece with our artists. Communication and collaboration are key to create a rewarding process of translating your idea into permanent ink on your skin.

We welcome both first-time tattoo collectors and tattoo veterans. Those of you who had gotten their first or fifth tattoo would know that getting a tattoo can be so addictive. Likewise, for first-timers, we understand it best that a first tattoo experience can be a daunting prospect; no matter how much you wanted it and have thought about it. We at Koloni here work hard to make you feel at ease during the whole process. We have awesome artists and super friendly staff to accompany you. If you’re already in Bali, don’t hesitate to drop by and talk to us before deciding to commit to anything. We’re always open for a chat.


Piercing Bali—aside from tattoo artists, we at Koloni Tattoo Canggu have an experienced Professional Piercer working with us. We are proud to be voted the best place to get piercings in Bali. Our quality services and big range of piercing jewelry can't be compared to any other Studio.

Our Safety and Health Standards will provide you with the best experience and we are sure you'll be back for more.


Whether it’s earlobe piercings, Helix piercings, navel piercings, septum, nose, belly button  piercing, you name it; we’ll make it work. Send us an email / Instagram DM or drop by our Studio in Canggu and let’s talk.

Tattoo Canggu | Our Artists

We have many artists working with us, from all over the world. Most of them travel a lot, so you need prior communication with us if you’d like to get inked by certain artists. However, we do have several main folks who are almost always in our tattoo Canggu Bali headquarters. Let’s get to know them a little bit.

At Koloni Tattoo Canggu, we have Ipin, one of the most brilliant tattoo artists we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Ipin is an Indonesian tattoo artist who’s basically the Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to tattooing. He does pretty much everything from ornate geometry to intricate realism tattoo. Then we have Andre. He’s the go-to guy when it comes to the widely popular neo-traditional tattoo. Find him during your next visit to our Bali tattoo headquarters. Next would be Sasha. She’s a tattoo artist from a land far away from Bali. Originally from Russia, she specializes in minimalist artworks. Sasha does her own designs. Tattoos with fine lines are her forte. So those who love fine, elegant pieces, she’s the best person to come to.

Last but not least, we have a guy called Kliwon. He’s our piercing guy. We’re impressed by his wealth of experience doing piercing in the paradise island. He has over a decade of experience and he used to work in Kuta. There’s no one better than him to go to when you’d want to get a piercing in Bali. Get to know our artists more in our Bali tattoo and Bali piercing page, respectively.


If you’re ready to talk, get in touch with us through email or our social media. It’s also important to talk to us first if you’re interested in getting inked by one of our guest artists who are on the road so that you can get a schedule. Otherwise, walk-ins are welcome. But in general, prior bookings are always recommended.

About Us | Who We Are at Koloni Tattoo Canggu

We love to work together with you. Each of us may have different styles and specializes in different types of artworks but we all believe that the most brilliant designs come from a collaborative process. Work of art is a combination of your ideas and our artist’s skills. Koloni Canggu Tattoo is a home for people unleashing their creative energy into their art. And we take joy in making art for the people who love them.

Koloni tattoo Canggu has a gorgeous studio located near Batu Bolong Beach. We have all sorts of artists and guest artists from all around the world. We aim to be the people who make you feel welcome and comfortable as you set foot in our headquarter. Enjoy the whole process from browsing our artwork selections, consulting with our staff, up to the point until you finally get to the inking process.

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Best Hygiene Standards + Indonesian Famed Hospitality

Getting an artwork on your skin that lives up to your ideas is merely one aspect among an entirety of tattooing experience. In Koloni, we take the process of tattooing experience as a whole. This is why we put so much importance into hygiene and we only have the best of the best. Our artists are all professional tattoo and piercing artists who know what they’re doing and they took pride in their tattooing process and the health and hygiene standards the follow.

You’ll get no less than a bright, warm smile once you step foot in our headquarter Canggu Tattoo Koloni. Whether it’s your first or many times to Bali—you’ll know you’re in for a treat when it comes to hospitality. Indonesia is world-famous for its excellent hospitality services. The locals are a bunch of friendly people that would make you welcomed.


Visit Our Modern Tattoo Studio in Canggu Bali

Koloni Tattoo Canggu Headquarters is a gorgeous tattoo studio that consists of clean, sun-lit big room. Our modern space is designed with both aesthetic and comfort in mind. It’s more than just a space to get tattooed. It’s a space where creativity flows and masterpieces are born. Drop by and have a chat with our friendly staffs and brilliant artists!

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